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About Us

Darjeeling International Pathways was conceptualized and founded by Mohan Sharma (Mohan Arya Mainali) Founder and CEO of Mainali International Human Resources in partnership with Srijana Rai Founder/CEO of Rai immigration Services. The two seasoned professionals bring with them top-notch expertise in international recruitment, education consulting and immigration with over a decade of experience in their respective fields. Being fervently passionate about their hometown in the valleys of the Himalayas, the two share the common motto of bringing the best talent from Darjeeling to the best of companies and institutions in Canada. Their knowledge, skills, love for the community and equal love for Canada their new home makes this as much a passionate project as a for-profit venture.

The agency has extensive experience of more than 10 years in recruiting top talent from India, Nepal and Bhutan across 7 countries in the Gulf and Asian region in various sectors like Hospitality, Retail, Security, Cleaning and Facility Management, Medical & Health Care, Construction, Agriculture, QSR, Finance and Banking, Airports and more. The team at Mainali International Human Resources have also assisted many local overseas recruiting companies in their recruitment drives in India for some of the top companies like Tim Horton franchise (Dubai and Saudi Arabia), G4S Security (Kuwait International Airport), Americana franchise (Dubai), Landmark Group (Retail -Kuwait), Du Serve Cleaning Company (UAE), Apparel Group (Qatar and Kuwait), Chilis, Costa Coffee franchises, Americana franchises, FIFA World (Qatar), Dubai Expo etc

About Mohan Arya Mainali

Mohan Sharma, also known as Mohan Arya Mainali, is an experienced international recruitment expert with over 10 years of industry experience. Hailing from Siliguri, Darjeelingmore, India, Mohan has built a successful career connecting talented individuals with global opportunities. With a degree in Business Management and certifications in HR, Payroll, and Tax administration from FinTech College - Canada, Mohan stays updated with the latest industry practices and regulations. He has lived in various countries, including the UAE, Kuwait, Malaysia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UK, and Canada, gaining valuable insights into different cultures and business landscapes. As a licensed overseas manpower recruiter, Mohan is authorized to recruit workers for overseas jobs. He is recognized as the youngest experienced international manpower recruiter in India. Currently, he holds the positions of Founder and CEO at Mainali International Human Resources in Siliguri, India, and serves as the Co-founder and Director of Darjeeling International Pathways in Canada. Mohan's entrepreneurial drive led him to establish and oversee two start-ups, Siliguri Career Consultant and Mainali HR and Career Services PVT. Ltd., specializing in career consulting and comprehensive HR services. Highly respected and dedicated to excellence, Mohan Sharma continues to shape the international recruitment landscape with his vast experience and passion for connecting talent with global opportunities.

Srijana founded Rai Immigration Services Inc. (RIS) as a College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) license holder. She is at the helm of operations as Founder and CEO. Under her stewardship, RIS now has clients from around the world and a community of successful migrants in Canada. Srijana has helped clients navigate complex immigration pathways under both temporary and permanent residence streams and has created a family of satisfied and successful clients in Canada.

Srijana entered the world of immigration as an Officer with Immigration New Zealand which was a part of the New Zealand High Commission in Mumbai, India. In the years ahead she served as a Technical Advisor providing visa processing and demographic risk inputs to the ministry, before handling a large team of visa processing officers as an Immigration Manager. During her stint with the High Commission Srijana worked with more than 15,000 agents across South Asia and the world, and helped send the best students, workers permanent residents and businesses to New Zealand.

About Srijana Rai

With Darjeeling International Pathways, the two passionate and successful entrepreneurs now settled in Canada wish to shed the light on the best talent from Darjeeling and the hills in order to be recognized by employers across Canada. Darjeeling International Pathways will leverage their skills in international recruitment and education counselling to ensure pathways to Canada can be navigated with ease and ethics.

Darjeeling International Pathways is as much a business venture as it is an opportunity to give back to the community of Darjeeling and the associated regions.

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Why Choose Darjeeling International Pathways?

Maximizing Your Advantage: With our agency's physical presence in both India and Canada, you benefit from the unique advantage of having a single director overseeing the entire recruitment process. Unlike most agencies, we keep the entire recruitment process in-house, eliminating the need for multiple partners and ensuring a streamlined, transparent, and efficient experience for both the employer and candidates.

Reliability and Accountability: Our director is a permanent resident of Canada, with personal and business assets in both countries, which ensures a trustworthy and reliable partnership. Additionally, having a director who is a permanent resident of Canada eliminates the risk of fraudulent activity and false promises, ensuring that our clients can have complete peace of mind. Our commitment to transparency and accountability is an integral part of our services, and we take pride in providing exceptional recruitment solutions to our clients.

Optimizing Cost-Effectiveness: Hiring two separate partners locally and overseas can often lead to high fees, making the recruitment process un affordable for many candidates. At our agency, we believe in providing a cost-effective solution by managing the recruitment process in-house. This approach benefits both the employer and candidates and allows us to ensure fair and transparent pricing. We take pride in delivering reliable and affordable recruitment solutions to our clients, and our commitment to transparency sets us apart from other agencies in the industry."

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