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Welcome to Darjeeling International Pathways, where we specialize in providing comprehensive recruitment and education consulting services to individuals and families wanting to study, work and thrive in Canada.

Darjeeling International Pathways is the brainchild of two ambitious professionals and entrepreneurs who started from the valleys of the Himalaya’s and made their way to the heart of Canada. They now wish to empower the lives of others by matching the best employers in Canada to the very best of foreign workers in their erstwhile home and around the world. DIP also aims to bring the best academic talent to colleges and universities in Canada where students will not just learn but create blueprints for thriving and rewarding careers.

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DIP understands the very heartbeat of every prospective migrant -their dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. The founders of DIP have walked the very path they wish to create for others-only this time a lot easier!

  • Our history of having matched thousands of workers with their employers around the world means we can do it all with ease!

  • Having hired specialized talent for employers in over 15+ countries, we have what it takes to make the hiring process simple for both the employer and the worker.

  • Your application will land in companies that are actively looking for talent and skills like yours.

  • Students are ensured they have options to apply to the best colleges/universities in Canada. Students and their future are what we prioritize every step of the way.

  • Continued guidance to ensure you meet your short and long terms goals in Canada. Immigration partner on board to provide customised services.

  • We are dedicated to your satisfaction, offering prompt communication, proactive support, and a smooth immigration journey.

About Us

Darjeeling International Pathways was conceptualized and founded by Mohan Sharma (Mohan Arya Mainali) Founder and CEO of Mainali International Human Resources in partnership with Srijana Rai Founder/CEO of Rai immigration Services. The two seasoned professionals bring with them top-notch expertise in international recruitment, education consulting and immigration with over a decade of experience in their respective fields. Being fervently passionate about their hometown in the valleys of the Himalayas, the two share the common motto of bringing the best talent from Darjeeling to the best of companies and institutions in Canada. Their knowledge, skills, love for the community and equal love for Canada their new home makes this as much a passionate project as a far-profit venture.

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